Who we are


The name Arrow Engineering Solutions stands for innovative and customized automation solutions for the process and production sector. Our company provides flawless, interface-free all-in-one solutions that are designed to ensure smooth and reliable production flows. Take advantage of the opportunity:Discover the broad range of services.


Please review our work samples to get an idea of our work quality, Professionalism and creativity.

our services


Siemens : Power supply, Controllers, Control Cards, LT modules, UE modules, Simodrive/Sinumeric 610, 611A, 611U, 611D, 802D, 810D and its family..


Repairing of all branded & non-branded instrumentation products like.

Dedicated Embedded Controller

We have provided housekeeping services to ICICI Bank in UP and Ukd I the year 2009-10 and 2010-11

Electronic Weighing Machine

Service & repair of all branded & non-branded weighing scales.

Panel Engineering & Manufacturing

Innovation is our forte and manufacturing along with trading of Electrical Panel Boards from our side is a strong example of the same.

Plant Commissioning

We offer a range of on site panel retrofitting & revamping jobs for old panels. We also handle new range of switchgear fitting,

Industrial Automation Solutions